Nitro Circus/APX Alarm

Jake is a serious Nitro Circus fan. So when my friend Lindsey offered us tickets to go to the Nitro Circus show hosted by APX Alarm AND the opportunity to meet Travis Pastrana and the crew, I jumped at the chance, knowing full well that it would earn me SERIOUS awesome wife points. Needless to say, Jake was SO excited. Nitro didn’t disappoint, and we were thoroughly entertained. Thanks again Lindsey!

They started the show by skydiving in. Let’s just say that only one of them landed where he was supposed to…




Not a great picture of either of us, but here we are!


















He flipped off his bike, and landed….


…in this big blown up ball!! Seriously. It was a perfect shot.


The Jazz Bear tried it, but fell a little short.








Twist it Travis!


At the end several of them jumped simultaneously. It was awesome. And a little scary.





The end! Thanks APX and Nitro Circus! Awesome show.



  1. Jen Ewell

    October 21st, 2010 at 10:48 am

    Dang Girl! These are sweet shots!

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