Tip Tuesday: Your Wedding Day Timeline

Today’s tip is for brides (and grooms) who are just starting to plan their wedding day and want to be sure they are able to get the photographs that they want. My tip for you is to book your wedding photographer as early in the planning process as possible, and then discuss your day’s events with them before anything is set in stone. This way, your photographer can give you an idea of how much time they will need to capture the images you are hoping for. For my brides who are LDS and getting sealed in a LDS temple, I recommend planning for about an hour and 20 minutes of photography after their sealing. This gives about 20 minutes to capturing group and family photos, and about an hour for the couple. For couples having a traditional ceremony, the timeframe gets a little more tricky. My recommendation is to plan for some sort of cocktail/appetizer hour after your ceremony during which time the photographer can capture those images. Another option would be to plan for a “first look” in which the photographer captures the groom seeing the bride for the first time in her dress, and then captures images of just the two of them prior to the ceremony.

If your wedding day timeline is already planned before talking with your photographer (and you haven’t left enough time for photography), or if for some reason you need the events of your wedding day to all occur in a tight window of time, I suggest looking into getting images of the two of you a few days before the wedding. It breaks with tradition, but also allows you to spend the time getting the images you want as a couple.

Happy Planning!

*This is an example of a “first look” which happened at the beginning of a bridal/groomal session a few weeks before the wedding. If you have/want to break with the tradition of the groom not seeing the bride until the wedding day, you can still make the first moment he sees you special!

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