We’ve finally started putting the floor down in the studio! I can’t wait until it’s finished. I took these shots when we were first starting, but we now have about half the wood down (and when I say wood, I mean laminate. We aren’t as cool and rich as we wish we were).



Audrey has had a lot of fun “helping” us.



And although these next photos have nothing to do with the studio, I’m on an Audrey kick this morning, and thought I’d post these for myself. She loves the new princess dress-ups we got her for her birthday. When I showed her these first shots she said, “ooooh, two pretty Audreys!”



  1. Nat O

    May 31st, 2011 at 6:26 pm

    Audrey’s princess pictures are so fun – it’s always nice to meet another fabulous princess in the mirror. I love how she, and her vivacious hair, stand in the white room.

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