Our little Valentine

Here (finally!) are some photos of our little Emery. I have taken so many, I don’t know when I’m going to find time to edit them all. For now, here are some of my favorites. Some are just snapshots, and the rest are from a few “sessions” I tried to do with her. Can I just say that photographing your own newborn is one the most challenging/frustrating things? Emery is not really a “curl in a ball and pose” type of baby. She usually prefers to flail her arms and legs about in an almost manic fashion. And when it comes to photography, I seem to have more patience with other people’s babies than my own. *sigh* I will say this though, she sure is a smiley and sweet little gal. We’re so happy that she’s here, and love her to pieces already. Emery, I wouldn’t trade you for a million perfectly posed little babies.






Audrey sure loves baby Emery! She constantly wants to “see her”, “hold her”, “pet her”, and “kiss her”


I just love this little smiley face!


I call this pose “The Thinker”





This is a pretty common expression for Emery. She’s always forming a little “O” with her lips. It’s the best when she does it with her eyes open, and they cross. It’s pretty funny.


This one cracks me up. That face!



  1. Gina Peterson

    March 12th, 2012 at 2:55 am

    Meredith, she is so so so beautiful! Congratulations! I loved your comment about the O face with her open crossed eyes. I miss that face… newborns are the sweetest things! I was so sad when Liam’s cross eyed look faded away.

  2. Ashlee Pinnell

    March 12th, 2012 at 4:03 am

    Gina, at least his cross eyed look faded away. My son’s eyes stuck like that and now (only 1yr old) he is in glasses:)

    Mere, Emery is absolutely beautiful!

  3. Phyllis Krutsinger

    March 13th, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    Awww – Emery is such a cutie. You have beautiful little girls!

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