Emery is TWO!

Words cannot express how much we love this girl. She is such a joy. She loves to make us laugh and is by nature a pretty silly girl. I love how goofy she can be. She is also sweet and doesn’t like to see others sad or hurt. She loves copying whatever Audrey does and we often refer to her as our little parrot, because she is always repeating whatever any of us says. This morning when they woke up, Audrey went to her and said, “Emery, you are the best little sister in the whole university!!” I love that my two girls love each other so much. Emery will always be the very best valentine any of us has ever received. We love our little love bug!!

Note: These photos are quite random, but I thought they captured her personality best: beautiful, silly, and joyful! Happy birthday Em!

  1. Lanni Romney

    February 15th, 2014 at 12:14 pm

    Your girls are absolute dolls Mere!

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