Caline | Utah Modern Senior Portraits

Driving to the hangar to meet Caline for her senior session, I was worried. The wind was a little crazy and it was starting to rain. I kept hoping we would maybe have a break in the weather. When Caline arrived, it wasn’t letting up. Since she’s graduating really soon, we didn’t really have time to reschedule, so we decided to just go for it. I’m so glad we did! Caline was such a trooper despite the fact that it was freezing and there was a constant drizzle of rain. In fact, she made it look effortless! And the weather actually added a bit of drama, which I loved.

Caline has a passion for aviation and flying, so what better place than an airport for this shoot? This girl rocked those planes!







Work that runway!


Yes, she’s barefoot on a cold, wet runway. That’s just how tough Caline is.






LOVE this shot!



Isn’t she fabulous? Congrats on your upcoming graduation Caline!!

**(I’m seriously fighting every urge to type something about “soaring to great heights” right now…I’m such a dork)

  1. Robin G

    May 14th, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    Beautiful as ever!

  2. Mindy

    May 16th, 2010 at 11:01 pm

    Wow! Seriously, the pictures on the runway are AMAZING I love them and you are right the rain did add tons! I love this shoot. What a lucky girl to get such a great photographer to take such amazing pictures for her!!!

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