Time to Party

My nephew Tyson recently had an awesome birthday party, complete with catering by Burgers Supreme, and a guest appearance by NFL linebacker Bryan Kehl. Yep, it was awesome.


Bday boy



Playing a little football…




Jumping on the trampoline…



Playing some baseball


Eating candy


Rocking out (seriously, my nephew Greyson is the most awesome/hilarious dancer. Love it)




Bryan surprised Tyson by giving him his bracelet (I love my niece’s reaction in the photo on the left)


Tyson also received a football…


…which Bryan Kehl signed for him




It really was an awesome party! Happy Birthday to Tyson! Love you dude.

  1. Nicolette

    July 8th, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    Grayson’s dance moves are awesome! Looks like even the little ones had a great time at the party. 🙂

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