Fashion Guide: What to wear for family portraits II

Okay, so remember how I was going to post photos from my own family shoot showcasing the clothes I posted? Well, here they finally are! Sorry that took so long. As you can see, I swapped out Audrey’s white cardigan for a grey (or is it gray? why does this word have two spellings?) one.


*Thanks to my sis-in-law Joanna for photographing us!

Also, I know that it’s now freezing cold outside, but I’m sure there are a few warmer days left, and there is still time to do family pictures! Or, just wait for the snow to come and do pictures in the SNOW. I love a good snow pic for a Christmas card!!

Speaking of Christmas cards, Meredith Carlson Photography is now offering cards in SHAPES. That’s right my friends, you are no long limited to squares or rectangles. See samples below:


Call or email today to book your session and ask about family specials!

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