Max | Utah Child Photographer

Loved this little boy. I wanted to eat him. Chew on his chubby legs. Jake thinks it’s disturbing that I always talk of eating babies. Like I’m the witch in the Hansel and Gretel story. But I can’t help it. Babies are so yummy! After seeing Max, I think you’ll agree.



Just look at those yummy thighs









Isn’t he cute? Such a ham for the camera


The chickens make the blog once again! Max thought they were pretty interesting. Judging by the way they’re eyeing him, I think they thought he was interesting too.


Finally, at the end of the session we let Max play in the water. I love this shot. Max’s mom had just managed to wrestle (and I do mean wrestle) off his clothes and stick on these shorts, before letting him go. He took off running for the water. Look at the joy on his face!


He definitely loved it and managed to get very wet and very dirty. Isn’t that the way little boys are supposed to be?


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